The 5 most useful ideas to earn money online.

Ideas to earn money online


 In this post, we read ideas to earn money online. In today’s world making money has become the primary goal for almost everyone since it is linked to 99.9 % of everything we need People want to make money easily while money rarely comes very easily.

While surfing the internet all of us might have come across ads that said, “KISHORE MAKES 2500/- A DAY, HOUSEWIFE MAKES 20000 PER DAY, RAMESH MAKES 1500/- A DAY WITH THIS AMAZING TRICK.”
You might get disappointed to know that all of them are FAKE!!
It is just a trick some bloggers use to make money online easily by attracting viewers into their sites through posting lucrative content. There have been several cases where a person deposits the huge sum into an anonymous account number for he was told he won a billion dollars.
Ideas to earn money online
People, think logically. If one can make huge sums by just clicking ads or signing up for different websites, why would there be so much poverty and unemployment?
Why would anyone do MBA in an IIM if he can make 2000/- per day every single day?
However, there are definitely some sources to make money through internet and computers. But this is just as much or even less compared to money earned outside the online world.

Here are the 5 most useful ideas to earn money online.


If language and good grammar are your strength, becoming an online editor is the right choice. This requires very less time in your day if choose the right source to earn. The job doesn’t promise huge sums like those fake ads but it does let you generate real money by just sitting and reviewing others content on your desktop.
All you need to do is signup on the most genuine website and request them to give you their editing work. In the beginning, they might ask you for some samples after which you get hired.
Initially, there is little or no money for a couple of weeks after which you may receive notification on your phone about your bank account deposited with a sum for the work you’ve done.
 Well, in the beginning, I was too. But this is for real.
There are firms that look for online editors to complete their editing work in exchange for money. The more the accuracy, the more exposure you get on their sites.
LinkedIn Pro FinderContentMartCraiglist, and Freelancer are some good websites to
start your work.


Like an editor, an article/content writer must have good command over language with proper grammar and sentence formation techniques. This is a more promising work to do in comparison to Editor since there are many opportunities for article/content writers online.
Thousands of sites are available that allow individuals earn money online while sharing their writing skills for given topics.
All you need to contribute is time and effort. Apart from business batao, there are few more sites like freelancer (again), iwriter which provide similar opportunities.


Do You Know that Youtube is the biggest search engine after Google and this is also a Part of Google? You heard it right! YouTube provides employment to that entire wish to upload videos.
A proper internet connection and a good camera will complete the requirement.
Open a channel on YouTube by following this link below and start uploading videos. Below is the Link
Now it’s all base on your imagination. Take videos of motor rides, trekking, workout sessions, dance, singing or DIY guides and post them on your channel on YouTube.
YouTube starts paying you once the video crosses 10000 views or so. This is only the beginning, though. With an increase in a number of subscribers and viewers, you can earn money online as high as 3000$ a month which is 2lakh rupees approx. That’s a lot of money for uploading videos. But the odds are high so try to make good videos using your imagination.
NOTE: YouTube is also a platform that brought many artists into the limelight. Who knows, maybe you are next.


There are thousands of websites that provide data entry jobs while only a bunch of them are for real. This job demands good typing skills along with some patience as you might have to type the same thing a multiple number of times with special characters and numbers.
Though the returns are low, it’s better to earn something in your spare time rather than wasting it. and are the most visited sites for the purpose of creating the online Income.
The above jobs need no or little investment. But the one shown below need little capitals for better returns.


This might new to many and be never shown on any other website before.You can make money by buying and selling electronic goods online.The process follows this way, Search online for an electronic product like a mobile phone with minor defects, most of these are sold at throwaway prices on OLX and Quikr.
·      Make sure to purchase wisely. You must aware of the brand and the cost of parts before making a transaction with the buyer to avoid your own loss.
·     Once you have the device, repair the defected part, refurbish it (Google it) and put for sale on OLX or Quikr. The profits are less but with an increase in an experience you end up making good sums.
The same applies to other electronics as well.
Therefore, these are the different ideas that allow making money online easily.


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