How to keep viewers Engaged in your social media platforms?

In today’s business life social media platforms play a very important role. We all know that social media traffic can provide a wealth of traffic on your website. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and Pinterest all are highly active social media networks.

Therefore, it is very important to engage viewers with your social media platforms account. For this, you have to accelerate social media traffic growth.

 social media platforms

As a result, an importance question is stuck in mind is that how to keep viewers Active and Engaged in your social media platforms?

Now come to the point, so here is the solution. By reading this article, you are able to get more followers, likes, and fans for your social media platforms.

By joining a variety of social media platforms, you are able to attract viewers towards your service or products. However, this happens after you develops large followings.

How we develop a large number of followers in the social media platform?

These points can help to keep viewer active and engaged in your social media platforms:

  • For this, the first and foremost step is to identify goal and objective, create a plan and stick to it.
  • Try to understand your customers or viewers need.
  • Share and post unique, valuable content on your social media platforms regularly.
  • Provide benefits through social media.
  • Link your social platforms with the website and vice-versa don’t make it Spam.
  • Optimize your social media accounts, Engage with everyone, share with everyone, and consistently post at a comfort rate.
  • Use Hashtags (#), provide Q & A’s, post content that makes sense.
  • Ask clients to share and contact, and tackle customer’s complaints efficiently.
  • Always treat each social media account as an individual one.
  • Include the icons of social media networks with your website. It will make easy to share and read your posts.

So, I hope you like this blog. However, I wish it is helpful for you and through my advice, you may able to increase traffic to your website through social media platforms.

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How to fill gap in skills available in college and required by organizations?

In today’s life, There is a big gap between skills available in college and skills required by organizations or industries. there is a big problem that is facing by innocent job seekers. Every organization or industry wants experienced employee. They think that experienced employee decreases the risk. However, because of this thinking, many job seekers are grooming office to office for a job but result always negative.

skills available in college and skills required by organizations

When job seeker goes for interviews that gap shown in their resume. For increase the employments it becomes very important to bridge the gap between skills available in college and skills required by organizations.

The organization wants abilities that job seeker can’t learn during graduation.

  • Technical abilities like designing, testing, configuration tools, etc.
  • Professional qualities like ethics.
  • Personal skills like communication, teamwork, etc.

These abilities only gain by physical working not theoretically. Industries search for minimum solutions that minimize their risk and it concerned with mainly cost. On the other hand, academic world struggle for maximum solutions to maximize their identification and it mainly concerned with the benefits and prestige…

Businesses looking for innovative solutions that only can do an experienced peer.

Now comes to the point… how we can bridge that gap between skills available in college and skills required by organizations so the solutions are-
  1. Provide training for fresher at the company expenses to address missing skills.
  2. Partnership with colleges can help those bridges.
  3. Motivation techniques and technology sharing with academics can bridge that gap.
  4. Talk them, and build a learning solution around the difference of fresher and experience.
  5. Advance online learning also help in that.

It is a fact that by giving training less experienced or fresher is less costly than hiring a more experienced employee.

By raising the consciousness of these areas, that gap can be minimized. Find the area where students most frequently fail to meet expectations of the organizations. Make curriculum changes and adjustments with students to address these problems.

Giving job knowledge, identification of high performers, necessary training, best practices, and assessment of what you have opposed to what you need and after that, measurement of results increases the efficiencies of fresher’s.

Reliance jio, achievements, and effects on competitors.

Reliance Jio

Now a day reliance jio become very famous about the free internet and free calling. Now jio has more than 108 million users in India and of which 72 million already switches to jio prime membership. It is good news for Mukesh Ambani.

New Jio prime members are able to carry on with unlimited data and free calling.

Nevertheless, because of reliance Jio other networks like Airtel, Vodafone, idea and other networks are day by day losing their customers.

Now a day we all are able to see a tariff war between reliance jio and other networks like Airtel, Vodafone, idea, etc… In India there is a big rush of 4G and Airtel, Vodafone, idea and other networks are fighting a brutal competition.

Effects of reliance jio on other networks:

reliance jio

The Reliance jio has completely shaken up the market for mobile networks. Because of jio, competitors are also helpless. Moreover, to exist in the market they reduce the price of mobile data. For some time they also provide free data. Airtel, Vodafone, idea, and others are introducing new plan and offer to be in the market like:

  • Airtel introduces two unlimited voice calling packs at Rs. 345 and Rs. 145.
  • Vodafone begins a plan of Rs. 297 in which they provide 4 GB of 3G with a validity of 28 days.
  • Idea starts a plan of 3GB with the validity of 28 days in just Rs. 297.
  • Now most companies has start giving 20-28 GB Internet for a month at Rate slab of 200 -350 Rupees per month. this is the biggest effect of Reliance Jio revolution.

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Day by day Reliance jio made big announcements for customers. Now, reliance jio is on number 2 telecom network provider in India. Reliance Telecom also captures almost 25% market share. It has gain maximum Number of Clients in Short span of Time.

This is the very proud feeling for reliance that they achieved a position that takes over a decade to achieve it. Jio is a new and youngest network in the world. It achieves more than 108 million customers so early.

Jio does not provide 2G or 3G connectivity option. However, It is only one network of India that provides only 4G service for their customers.

It is good for normal people and reliance but bad for other networks…


How to write a business blog article without suck in writing? Some Tips and Advice

Tips and advice on writing a blog

I’m writing this to give you some tips, advice, and tricks on how to write a business blog article without suck in writing.

As we, all know that blogs are the main key to success. I also face many problems during writing. I struggled very much to write an attractive blog. However, during that struggle, I learned from it so many things that I’m going to share with you.

Tips and advice on writing a blog

Now don’t worry to write something because I’m here to help you.

So, the first and foremost thing that you have to keep in mind during writing that the heading, title, a label should be attractive. Construct a click-worthy or killer headline or title.

And think about what you want to share with your targeted audience. Make your blog easy to search, navigate. Identify what people want and how you can help them. Develop your line of attack, strategy, procedure, plan, and tactics.

Research your keyword and phrase that you are going to share through your blog creation.

Don’t forget to enjoy writing and make it creative by using friendly, pleasant, gracious, satisfying, lovely, agreeable, and enjoyable words, and sentences.

Always skip using the jargon or difficult words that can’t anyone understand easily.

Write all answers of the questions that your customers want to ask. Use your time, effort, and resources to stay connect with your customers and targeting clients. Try to give wings to your content.

Write business blog daily that can help you very much and it’s also good for your business. Don’t write big article write it around 300 to 350 words. Always keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. It does not take too much time to read. It is also helpful in ranking and to gets more and more traffic…

Share your blogs on your social media platforms. Use an attractive image in every blog. Don’t forget to ask questions on the blog. If it’s possible to make a video about what you write than share it.

I hope you enjoy my writing. If you think my tips and advice is helpful to you so try it and write an awesome article.