50 days of Demonetization in India – Pass or Fail?

 Demonetization in India:

50 days of Demonetization passed. On 8 November 2016, Prime Minister of India had announced the Demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupee notes.

Banks Had taken the old currency notes of 500 and 1000 rupees until the 31st December 2016. These can be now submitted only to RBI with the Reason.


Whole India is taking this Decision Very Seriously. Moreover, people had suffered a lot because of the decision. Now we want to know about 50 days of demonetization Pass or Fail.

Current BJP government declares it as a Successful Project while all other opposition Parties confirm it as a big Failure. We will give you some Points by which you can judge yourself that 50 Days of Demonetisation – Success or Failure.

Below the points shows 50 days of demonetization Pass or Fail.


A point that shows those Fifty days of Demonetization is successful:

  • All old and fake 500 and 1000-rupee note are out of the system.
  • All Money deposited into Banks that will give the economy a new Power.
  • People are shifting towards the Cashless economy which makes it more Strong.
  • Black Money will be out of the system.
  • Big cash Transactions will stop.
  • Terrorist activities will minimize. These are showing the demonetization as successful.
  • Big Amount of Black money declares during this period of 50 days of Demonetisation.
  • All the Departments of Government were active. In addition, seize huge black money from corrupted people.

 Points that make fifty days of Demonetization Failure:

  • Banks had made it adverse. Most of the Bankers make forgery and does not work honestly.
  • Demonetisation was really a Great India Making Project. Nevertheless, Some People make it Failure for their own Pocket.
  • As per Media report, about 97% of the Old 500 and 1000 rupee notes had deposited into banks.
  • About 105 people died due to demonetization.
  • There is the lack of cash in the market due to which Business is affected.
  • Many factories and other Business are close down. It showing the demonetisation failure.

This is the report on 50 days of demonetisation – pass or Fail.


Where to Use Old 500 Rupees Notes?

Use old 500 Rupees notes after demonetization. After 30th December 2016, you can not use the old 500 and 1000 rupee note at any place.  There is urgency in the country.

The whole country is facing the problem of Cash. We want to know that where to use old 500 rupee notes after demonetization. In India, there is cash transaction of about 97%. Those people are the pond of holding the Cash in Hand are also very high.

Everyone is searching for the alternatives of Exchange of 500 and 1000 rupee note. After 24th November, Rs. 1000 will only be submitted into banks. 500 rupee note will be accepted at many places.

I know you must want to know how to exchange old 500 rupee note. How to convert old 500 rupee note into valid currency after Demonetization Process?

 Use Old 500 Rupees Notes after Demonetization

Where to Use Old 500 Rupees Notes?

Current Biggest Problem is that there is no exchange of Money now.  But there is a chance to use you old 500 rupees note.

Where to use old 500 and 1000 rupees notes after demonetization in India?

       Govt of India had announced that there will be no exchange of old 500 and 1000 rupee notes from 25th Nov. 2016.
But one can use old 500 rupees, not at following Places:
  • You can pay these to toll Plaza.
  • All petrol pumps will accept the old 500 rupee notes until 15th December after demonetization in India.
  • You can also pay college fees of states University.
  • Use old 500 rupee notes for court fees.
  • Make Prepaid Mobile recharges up to Rs 500
  • Now you can purchase groceries from co-operative stores under State and Central govt. This will be a great relief after demonetization.
  • Pay Railway tickets booking at railway station counters.
  • All government Hospitals will accept the old currency.
  • Water Bill and electricity Bill payment can be adjusted. This will be a place to use old 500 rupee notes after demonetization in India.
  • Buy Medicines from Medical Stores with qualified doctor’s prescription.
  • May, not anyone have to use at this place but one can use old 500 rupee notes at crematorium grounds.
  • Make Payment against LPG cylinders.
  • You can also use old 500 rupees notes after demonetization to buy of seeds from nominated state-owned outlets.

Now, After 31st December 2016 You can not use old 500 and 1000 rupee notes anywhere except to submit in RBI.
With a great step towards the Cashless economy and to fight with black money the government has introduced Demonetization with a Positive thinking. But there are both advantages & Disadvantages of Demonetization discussed earlier. In my opinion, government is giving ample space to use the old 500 rupee notes after demonetization. Above are the areas to use old 500 notes after demonetization

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Latest updates on Demonetization Rules

Updates and Rules on demonetization in India keep changing.

The major demand of changing is because of Misuse of the exemptions under Demonetization. This is not a complete Demonetization in India. The small denominations of Notes up to Rs. 100 are in Use and have legal status. Therefore, we have to see Impact and Latest Updates on Demonetization Rules in India 2016.

After two Weeks of scrapping the 500 and 1000-rupee note in India, the conditions are still not good. There are long queues outside the ATM’s and Banks. Business Sector and Public is still not stabilizing.

This is going to be a Big Disadvantages of Demonetization.

With Consideration of the Problems of Common man, on 24th of November 2016 government had given the Latest updates on Demonetization Rules & Process in India.
  • From 25th of November Exchange of old 500 and 1000 rupees, a note will be close. These notes can only deposited into Banks.
  • Note of Rupees 1000 denomination can only deposit into banks and will not consider anywhere else.
  • All the National Highway tolls will be free until second of December and from third to 15th of December old notes of 500 can also accept there. This is the latest update on demonetization is created to facilitate the public.
  • From 24th of November, people can get cash from BigBazar too with their Credit or Debit Cards. Limit of Cash withdrawal is Rs.2000 only.
  • Latest update on demonetization in India includes the additional Categories where the old Rs.500 note will accepted until 15th of December. These categories explained in detail on The Link above.
  • Foreigners permitted to exchange the currency up to rupees 5000 subjects to enter in their Passport.
  • Haryana Government had announced that all D category employees would get their Rs 10,000 salary in Cash.

Above were the latest updates on the demonetization rule or process in India. Modi Sarkar is doing all the things, which he feels to do good against corruption and Black Money. Still, the Cash relief is not in the Market because of lesser acceptance of Card and Digital Payments.

We will let you informed regularly the latest Updates on Demonetization rules In India.

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Indian demonetization policy and steps 2016

Indian demonetization policy and steps 2016:

On 8th of December 2016, Govt of India had taken a historical Decision of Demonetisation of 500 and 1000 rupee note.
This Decision will be remembered forever of NoteBandi. New 2000 and 500 rupee note had introduced.

Demonetization policy

What do you think how India is reacting on this. what are the problems of Demonetization Indian are facing? What are the Indian Demonetization Policy and steps by Government?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of demonetization in India 2016. Here we are describing the Indian Demonetisation Policy and Steps.


Indian Demonetisation Policy is that the old 500 and 1000 currency notes are closed and not be a Legal tender from 9th of November 2016. No one can accept this as a currency of India except the places allowed by the government.

The government is preparing the same from a long Time. Earlier from 2014, they helped everyone to open The bank Accounts with JAN DHAN Yojna. People without Identity card can also open the Bank accounts. Then there is a large support on making Aadhar Card.
The government also announced a self Black Money declaration Scheme till 30th September 2016. This will be a great policy of demonetization by Indian Government.

Now Whats are the Indian government demonetization policy and steps to make it successful :

  • First policy on demonetization is that On all Petrol Pumps old 500 and 1000 notes will be accepted.
  • Govt had announced that all Tolls in India will be free till 24th November 2016.
  • From 18th November All petrol pumps will be treated Like ATM’s and up to Rs. 2000 will be withdrawn through Debit and credit Cards.
  • There is no limit of depositing the cash in Banks. No need to worried before depositing your white Income or savings.
  • While you can withdraw up to 24000 only from Banks.
  • Another Demonetisation Policy is that you can Use these notes for Railway Tickets, Aeroplane Tickets, and Government Hospitals.
  • Another Demonetisation Benefit is provided to Marriage Families. They can withdraw up to 2.5 Lakh from Their Account.
  • There are mobile ATM’s to solve the cash Problem.
  • Another Demonetisation policy and step are that No questions will be asked on deposit of 2,50,000 in a savings account.
  • A big demonetization Policy is against those who deposited more than 2.5 lakh in Savings account and 12.5 lakh on current account. All deposits will be shared with Income Tax department. You may ask for the origin of Money.
  • After 30th December all old Big currency notes will be a Piece of Paper.
Above were the Important steps on Demonetisation announced by Indian Government. we understood there must be some disadvantages of demonetization but the benefits of demonetization in more than that.
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Impact, pros and cons of demonetization

 Impact, Pros, and Cons of demonetization in India are very wide. Before we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Demonetization, or pros and cons of Demonetization, we must discuss the following points.

What is Demonetization?

Demonetization is a process by which a quantity of currency will not be legal tender. The quantity of note will not acceptable as valid currency. The same thing happens with the Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 note after demonetization.

What are the causes of Demonetization?

There can be many reasons of Demonetization in any economy some of them are: Introduction of New Currency, to stop Black Marketing, excess Currency Storage, High Corruption rates, and others. There will be excess fake currency in the economy is the main reason of demonetization.

What Happened on Demonetization?

On 8 November 2016, Government of India had announced that from that day onwards rupees 500 and 1000 rupee note will not be a legal tender. This means that 500 and 1000 rupee note will accept by anyone except the organization declared by the government. They can change the currency from the banks and post offices until 30 December 2016.

What is Impact of Demonetization? What are Pros and cons of demonetization in India in 2016?

Hence, there are clear Impacts of demonetization showing in all the cities of India. Nevertheless, Results of currency closure can be advantages or disadvantages. Business Batao supports the currency demonetization in India.

We are mentioning the current disadvantages or cons of Demonetization:

pros and cons

  • All India is in line out Banks and ATM’s for Cash.
  • People are waiting for more than 5 to 10 hours to get cash from Bank. Still, after waiting, some people are no getting Cash. Harassment to the public is a big con of demonetization in India.
  • Nevertheless ATM’s are not adjusting according to New 500 and 2000-rupee note.
  • Until 16th of November 2016, there is a report of a death of more than 35 people due to cash problem.
  • People are getting the 2000-rupee note but not getting the change in the market against this note. Small currency is threatening Disadvantages of Demonetization.
  • There can be a problem of Law and order in the country.
  • Accordingly, All families where there is marriage in the month of November are in big trouble. Another demonetization disadvantage is with those families.

 We are mentioning the current advantages or pros of Demonetization:

  •  All fake currencies will be stolen in one shot is the biggest benefit of demonetization.
  • Bank and Card transactions will Increase. This is positively affecting the Indian Economy.
  • There is big fall in terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir is the biggest demonetization advantage.
  • There will be proper cash in the banks and condition of a bank will be going better off.
  • The government Authorities keeps big Amount of Black money.
  • All Black Marketers and corrupt officers are in Threat will advantage of Demonetization.

So above all were the pros and cons of demonetization. Hence, I will keep you update with the impact of demonetization regularly.

Another thing, Comment and Share the Post for regular Updates on Demonetization.

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what are proposed rates of GST in India?

Rates of GST in India

Another Meeting of GST council was held on 3rd November 2016 for rates of GST in India. This was a fruitful meeting on rates of GST in India. After so many meeting held by GST  council, the Final rates has been fixed.

Rates of GST in India

Goods and Services Tax will help the people to easily trade from one state to another state. The rates of goods will be same in all over India after GST Applied.
People have the question in mind that what are the rates of GST in India.

 So Following are the slab of rates under GST.

  • 0 Percent :On the Exempted goods Like essential items, Grains etc.
  • 5 percent:This Tax rate will be applicable on commonly required goods like cloth etc.
  • 12 percent:This is the standard tax under GST rates slab includes the packaged foods too.
  • 18 percent:All Products which are not covered under 12 percent GST rates will be covered
    under this except Luxury Products.
  • 28 Percent: This is the rates of GST which is applied on luxury and High-class products. Common goods under this category of GST are tobacco, Luxury Cars, alcohol etc.

There will be addition cess applicable to cover the Losses and Compensate it to the states for Five Years: Mr. Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister of India. the government had announced balanced Tax rates of GST in India which has the advantages and disadvantages too. So what is the impact of GST rates on Consumers?

The government had announced balanced Tax rates of GST in India which has the advantages and disadvantages too. So what is the impact of GST rates on Consumers?

Many Products Like tobacco and other Luxury products which are taxed at 40 % inclusive of Excise and Vat will now have to pay 28% of GST. So these Products will be cheaper now.
There is also a tendency that manufacturer will save the Excise but they may increase the rates of product to earn more profit after low rates of GST in India. It will be a negative Impact of GST Rates.

Here are some examples of products which will impact after GST Tax rates:

  • Items like garments and shoes which are now under the slab of 4 percent now taxed fewer than 5% after New rates of GST and there is an impact of 1% costlier to customers.
  • AC’s, washing machines, Fridge, cooking appliances and many other Products will be cheaper as the total GST impact on these will be 28 percent which is now more than that.
  • All the Services may come under the Tax slab of 18% which is costlier by 3% from Now.

The average rate of GST in India is less than 18% which is demanded by all the political Parties. The government is willing to start it from 1st April 2016 for their political Reasons too.

Comment Below to Get more Updates On GST.

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Demonetization of Indian Rupee

Disadvantages of Demonetise of 500 & 1000 rupee note

Prime Minister had taken a bold decision of closure of 500 & 1000 Indian rupee notes.

There are pros and cons of demonetization of Indian currency. But whenever such orders are passed the common man is in trouble. There are many advantages of demonetization of 500 and 1000 Indian rupee notes.
Now we have to see the pros and cons of demonetization. I know that all India is fighting the situation but we all want to be aware of this.

Main Disadvantages of Demonetisation of 500 & 1000 Indian rupee notes:

  • There is Hugh rush to the banks from last many days and normal work can be hampered.
  • The government had not altered in ATM’s so there are big problems in currency Exchange.
  • Biggest Disadvantage of Demonetization will be with the tourist who has only old notes and no connections in the area.
  • The common man who has only 500 and 1000 Currency notes will be in trouble for their daily livelihood for next some days.
  • Many People who have an event like marriage and other having only old 500 and 1000 rupee notes will be in Big problem. They are really facing the high demonetisation disadvantages in India.
  • Some people had not Information of where to exchange the Old currency notes.
  • There are raids by Income Tax, Sales Tax and excise which can create the problem for Business.
  • If there is a Hard earned money which is beyond the limit of 2.5 lacs can indulge you in the problem. this may be the biggest Disadvantages of Demonetisation of 500 & 1000 Indian rupee notes
  • At some Places, Banks are unable to handle the pressure of Public and the currency notes are out of stock.
  • There will be the problem of Change with 2000 rupee note. These were some limitations of demonetization 500 & 1000 Indian rupee notes

where to Use Old currency notes  after demonetization of 500 rupee notes until 15th December

500 & 1000 Indian rupee notes

  • At Government hospitals,
  • On Interstate Bus Counters, Airports and Railway Station Ticket counters
  • Petrol Pumps and Gas stations
  • All Banks and Post offices
  • Authorized Milk Booths
  • Crematoriums  grounds
  • Comment to Know More I believe that there are many disadvantages of demonetization.Now See the Steps Taken By Government for Benefit of common man after demonetization of 500 & 1000 Indian rupee notes.
  • All National Highway tolls will be free till 2nd December. The government is ready to bear the loss with the citizen.
  • There will be Free treatment under Rs 500 in AIIMS.
Above were the big announcement by the Government of India as they are also understanding the pain of common man.
Imp: Government will track all the deposits above 2.5 lacs in saving and 12.5 Lakh in Current bank accounts. Be careful. penalty up to 200% after Tax.
More Disadvantages of demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee note may be seen in Future but till now it’s a great decision.

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Advantages of demonetization of Indian Rupee Notes 

500 and 1000 rupee notes Discontinued in India
GST rates In India 

Advantages of demonetisation 500 rupee notes


Advantages of demonetization 500 rupee note: The government of India had taken a Historical decision of demonetizing the 500 and 1000 rupee notes in India. This will really effect the economy and the common man too.

Very soon it will be clear that how people of India will react to the decision of benefits and demerits of demonetizing of 500 and 1000 rupee notes.

Yes, there are many demerits & advantages of demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee note.

Main Advantages of demonetization of the 500 & 1000 Rs Notes:

  • It will help to control the Black money to a Little extent. But what with the Black Money that Lies in Property and Gold.
  • It will help to stop the funding of Terrorist. This is wow demonetization advantages.
  • It will totally clear the Fake currency from India Now.
  • This will also make sure to circulate all your money of 500 and 1000 note to Bank.
  • This will also make tendency of using Plastic Money which makes an economy better.
  • People will now Open Bank Accounts and also make Identity cards. This is the Biggest Advantage of Demonetization In India.
  • All Black money will come Out from the treasure.
  • This will narrow the Gap of Rich and Poor with very little extent.
  • Apart from this advantages of new notes are that this will clear all waste notes from the system.

Advantages of demonetization of  Currency notes will be more in the economy in coming days but there are more disadvantages of Demonetization these days.

Indian Government is going to take all the required steps to facilitate you like free tools, notes acceptable in few areas and others. effect of the same will be seen after 50 days when there will be proper cash in the market. the government is allocating New 500 and 2000 rupee note in the market.

People are often discussing what are the benefits of new currency in India, what are the benefits of new 2000 rupee notes in a system. The biggest advantages of demonetization are that all black marketer is in Fear.

What you must Know after 500 and 1000 rupee note scrapped is an Important Point. This is already discussed and more Information can be available on comments.

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Disadvantages of Demonetise of 500 & 1000 rupee note

Impact, pros, and cons of demonetization

500 And 1000 rupee note demonetization

500 and 1000 rupee note is now Demonetized.This is a Historical decision by this currency government of India. RS. 500 and Rs 1000 notes will not a legal tender from now anymore.

 Prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has announced that Rupees 500 and Rupees 1000 currency will be discontinued from 8th November 2016 night 12 PM.
      Demonetizationof Indian money is a big decision of government of India for the prevention of the Black money.
All old 500 and 1000 rupee note will be exchanged and submitted to your bank from 10th of November to 30th December 2016. Govt had issued New 500 rupee note and 2000 rupee note. These New 2000 rupee notes are little smaller in Size.

Important Points to remember on old 500 and 1000 rupee note :

  •  Banks are taking these currency until 30th December 2016.
  • After 30th December You have to submit the same to RBI with Income Declaration.
  • Petrol Pump will take these Currency Notes till 24th of November 2016.
  • You can change old rupees 500 and 1000 notes on Airport too.
  • You can easily do other Financial activities through Bank. Like NEFT, RTGS, Cheque and others.
  • Post offices also will accept this currency until 30th December 2016.
  • All Government Hospitals will accept the 500 and 1000 currency in a limit.
  • You can use credit and Debit cards Without any Problem.
  • No Need to Panic who have genuine Hard Earned Declared Money. Exchange your notes in 50 days.

Governor of RBI Mr. Arjit patel has announced that bank will help the common man to change their money. All Banks and Post offices are managed to do so. we would like to make advantages of demonetization in India.

This is not an overnight decision of Demonetization of Indian Rupee. RBI is into the printing of such notes from the long way. Banks had already handled the new denomination notes enough to handle the customers.
500 and 1000 rupee not is over.
Bank will remain close on 9th of November 2016 for the preparation to serve the customers.
There is a limit of cash with drawl from the bank for Next two weeks. Future will decide what will the advantages and disadvantages of Demonetisation. But the main Benefit of Demonetisation is that the Fake currency will be swipe out from the India.
Business Batao is appreciating the decision of closing such notes but Rs 2000 note is not good for an economy.

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Latest Updates on GST Bill in India

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GST Bill in India:

Latest Updates on GST Bill we will discuss it later, first of all, we have to know about what is GST? So, GST stands for Goods and services Tax Bill in India. This is a much-awaited type of Tax, therefore, we all look for latest updates on GST Bill in India. GST will cover all other Indirect Taxes. All other Indirect Taxes like Excise duty, VAT, Central VAT, Entertainment Tax, and Service Tax etc will end.

Companies and Businessman need not charge many types of Taxes and only one GST will help. GST council has found after the approval from a majority of States. No Doubt in that, this is the biggest tax reform after many decades.

Most Important to Read: Advantages and Disadvantages of GST Bill In India

Following are the major Latest Updates on GST Bill in India:

GST Bill had passed from Both Central Assemblies in August 2016. All political Parties had supported this Bill.

The majority of States including the most BJP ruled States had approved the GST bill. Bihar and New Delhi was the most surprising States where the BJP opposition Parties.

President of India had approved the GST Bill and the way to GST council had cleared. With this step, Government is in full force to apply it from 1st April 2017.

Central Government had founded the GST council in the month of September 2016.

In this meeting, the Major conclusion is the Limit for cover under GST. For all states other than the Northeast, the Limit is Rs. 20Lakh Per Annum. For the Seven States, this Limit is 10Lakh.

The Turnover limit is a bit relaxation for the small traders in India. This latest News GST council is good for them.

This meeting is represented By our Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley says that the base year for losses for states will be 2015-16.

Meeting between the State and central representative voluntary decides that the power will remain with the states. As the First Meeting of GST, council ends with some fruitful decisions. Let us see the Second meeting on GST will be held on 30th September 2016, for finalizing drafts and Exemption.

After the surgical, strike by the Indian Army the government onto a High Note. Second GST council Meeting held on Friday in New Delhi and this meeting has not given any fruitful decisions with the rates of GST. Now rates of GST will be decided in later meetings of GST council.

“Time will decide that what will be the merits and Demerits of GST bill in India”

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Steps to Apply GST in India


Approval of GST Bill by the president of India

 GST Bill

The GST is a Value-added Tax (VAT) is suggest to be an inclusive indirect tax on the manufacture, sale, and spending of goods as well as services at the national level.

 Approval of GST Bill

After Approval of GST bill from the president of India, the government has created the GST council. GST council will decide the rate of GST and rules of the GST for state and central.
 It is good news for the Modi’s Government that Honourable President of India has given his approval to GST Bill which is an indirect Tax revolution Bill on 8th of September 2016.
By this, the process of the implication of this Goods and services tax bill has taken a step ahead.
After the clearance of the Bill from Rajya sabha and Lok sabha was a major problem to get it passed from at least 50% of the states in India as early as possible but the same has done in less than a month.
The bill was passed from Lok sabha on 8 august 2016 and before a month the GST bill has already got the approval from the following 17 states.

following are the 17 States where Approval of GST Bill happens:

1.       Assam
2.     Jharkhand
3.     Chhattisgarh
4.     Bihar
(Non-BJP Govt),
5.     Himachal
6.     Gujarat
7.     Madhya
Pradesh (BJP),
8.     Delhi
9.     Nagaland,
10.  Maharashtra (BJP-Shiv Sena),
11.   Haryana (BJP),
12. Sikkim (BJP)
13.  Mizoram (congress),
14.  Telangana (Congress),
15.  Goa(BJP),
16.  Odisha (BJD)
17.  Rajasthan(BJP)
We have shown that Non-BJP government has also taken
initiative to pass the bill from their assembly as early as possible to roll it from next financial year.
This government would like to apply the GST from 1st
April 2017, therefore, the Prime minister itself is looking after the GST committee.
India is a Big country with 29 states with different governments and needs. Therefore there will be dual GST Model. Central GST and
State goods and services tax act. There is always a contradiction about the advantages and disadvantages of the GST in India.
As the rates of Tax is not same in all states and there are different prices from one state border to other. GST in India will make the single price of product and services in all states.
       Now we are into the process of GST and there is little to
go for it. If the government will act fast then it will be applicable by April 2017. India wishes that Approval of GST Bill will do As soon as possible.
 Comment Below to Know more
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Why should one invest in startups Business Ideas?


Investment in start-up Business ideas

Why should one invest in startups Business Ideas? Undoubtedly Indian Government startup movement has encouraged our youth. We had seen that there is the positive mindset to grow the startup ideas and investors have an interest in helping the startup business ideas with their investments.

It is also running very efficiently and has benefited people on a large scale. People start their business, some reach the heights and some are failing.

There can be the infinite number of reasons behind a startup failure and same behind its success.

Our young minds are full of innovative and creative ideas. However, generally, they do not have assets. To implement their idea they need capital, which they are short of. Some startups fail because they do not get investors.

Those ideas that could have run a great business in future ruined but we at business batao want to build a chain where the good startups can get investment to run their business.

Now the question arises that why one should invest in a startup? Why should one take risk of his money being a waste?

Business ideas

First, no business is failing until you have a proper strategy and smart working attitude. What you need to check is that the startup you are investing in has a passionate leader. If the person who is giving the idea is himself confused then there is no benefit of investing in that startup.

Here is the reason for invest in startup ideas Business:

A well-managed startup can boot up your career and an ill-managed one could become the reason of your career’s backdrop. You should invest in a startup if you get an opportunity.

It is not mandatory that you invest a large amount. It could be a small amount. Get more investors so that if the business fails one is not burden due to the loss.

Earlier, investing in startups was mean for rich and wealthy people as a sign of their luxury and grandness. Now things have changed. Everyone wants to have a safe and cozy future.

With jobs, people want a side business so that their income is enhanced and nothing could be better than investing in a startup.It is obvious that everyone wants a safe and secure future. For that, people get insurance and various other facilities.

They save their money for future. However, do you think that money gives them something in return? No, they just get a fixed amount, which they deposited for years.

On the other hand investing in a startup could give you a fine return and could help an entrepreneur to explore his career with his idea. You get your own well-settle business and can work on it to take it to the peaks. You little investment can change your future and can take you to the heaven of business.

In today’s competitive market, it is very tough to run your business effectively. More than running your business you need to survive first. Running a business with a blurred idea cannot be termed as a good decision. If you have assets, it is better to invest them into passionate ideas to get fruitful results.

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what is GST Bill in India? and how it will afeect the economy?


What is GST bill? and how it will affect the economy? I think you all had heard about GST Bill, which is in news from last many days. However, what is GST Bill in India?

GST means Goods and services Tax. This is a Type of tax, which evades all other indirect taxes in India. This clearly means that you have to pay only one Indirect Tax in India. Many economists suppose that after the application of GST the GDP of India will raise up to 2-3%. This will really make a significant change in the economy.

What is GST Bill?

GST means a comprehensive Indirect Tax on Sellers and manufacturers. This will apply to Sale and purchase of goods n

services in India. This will replace all other types of Indirect taxes levied by the Central and state Government.

Like Excise Duty, Entertainment Tax, VAT, CVAT, Service Tax etc.
It will be applicable and collected at every point of service, sale, and purchase of Products based on input tax.

Rates of GST in India

GST bill in India is a type of tax, which supersedes all other Indirect Taxes stated as above. GST Bill will give a comfort of paying only a single tax. This also getting the input tax credits of what earlier paid on the same. By this, it will save tax on tax.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of GST. Nevertheless, the main benefit of it is the relief and peace of mind, which gives you more business and more revenue. A Big Demerit of GST will be the hike in prices of some services and goods.

This kind of Tax system already adopted by the major developed countries. I also personally think that there must not be too much type of Taxes.

GST Bill has already approved from Rajya-sabha and Lok-sabha and now it is into the process of approval of GST Bill from states.

I believe that GST bill in India will give a boom to an economy and there will be more business and more jobs.


Effects of GST bill on products and Services

Effects of GST on products and Services: We all are very happy that GST is going to applicable soon in India. However, do we know what the effect of GST on Products and Services is?

At present when there is no GST, we are paying different taxes on product and services wise but with the GST, all will tax in the same manner.

Thus, the Products and Services that taxed at a lower rate will be costlier after the GST. The Products that where there are high tax rates will be cheaper with GST effect.

Currently, there are 119 Services, which covered under service Tax act, and the rate of service Tax is 15%. Nevertheless, it expected that the GST rate will be 18-20 % so, all the services will be costlier by 3-5%.

The common person has to pay services on everything like mobile Bill, DTH bill, Bank charges, Hotels Bill, Transportation etc. So, all will be costlier. This is the biggest effect of GST on common persons.

How Products and Services react after the GST and how the prices will affect is the biggest question in everyone’s Mind.

effects of GST

However, the products were earlier EXCISE and VAT both are applicable has to pay about 32-40% tax to the government and there is a big relief because of the GST. Like Small Cars, Cement sector, Cinema Halls, consumer durable Like Fridge, television etc. So there are good effects of GST on Products and services.

Whenever there is a statuary change will happen is always painful for a shorter period but in the end, it will give always-fruitful results. No one knows what will be the rate of GST while the government of India assures that it will be in the reach of everyone.

Especially the prime minister of India Shri Narendra Modi assures that all the products and services that are the basic need of poor will kept out of the GST and GST will not affect those. He also says this is a very good change going to happen in India. We all will see the best result of GST effect.

We all were discussing the advantages and Disadvantages of GST. However, PM clarifies that there are only the benefits of GST and it will ease the business in INDIA.


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What is GST bill and Its Laws

Steps to apply GST Bill in India

GST means Goods and Services Tax and This Bill which is pending from last 12 years.After a long Period and so many discussions, Now this Bill has passed from both the assemblies i.e. Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

But do you think that GST Bill is now easily applied in India? 

No…. there is a long way to go.

And the question in mind is what are the steps to apply the GST Bill in India

As we all know that people are discussing the advantages and disadvantages of GST Bill in India. This is also true whenever there is major change happens in the systems all have to suffer for a short time.

Let  me clarify you: – Steps to Apply goods & services Tax Bill in India

Firstly it had Pass from RajyaSabha and then all the amendments of the Bill had also passed from Loksabha. This process is already successfully over.
Now the GST bill will go to all states assembly and as per the constitution of India.This bill must pass and supported by 50% States of India, means at least 15 states have to approve this GST Bill to be applied in India. This is the Biggest steps to apply GST Bill.After this GST Bill will go to Presidents Office for his assent
as per the law. After the Approval of the President, It will be a Law and proceed Further.
Now the Process of GST will Start. The structure of Goods & Service Tax Council will follow to creating a constitutional body. This GST council have members from the centre as well as from states.
This GST Bill council also make a decision on the GST Rate to be applicable.
If all the things go well then again it has to be the table on Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha for Final Approval to apply GST Bill In India. All the process of charging the GST and mechanism has to be setup.

Finally, The GST will apply in all the state and hope for the good days of not paying Tax on Tax. So, Above were the steps to apply GST Bill in India and we all hope that this will apply by 1st April 2017. The current government is trying Hardly to make it happen by the 1st April 2017. Prime Minister and Finance Minister is personally looking after this.

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Advantage and Disadvantages of GST bill

GST Bill Importance and Benefits in India

GST Bill Advantages and Disadvantages in India

 GST Bill Advantages and Disadvantages 

we all know that GST Bill in Rajya Sabha is Passed on 3rd August 2016. Now, this Bill is in the process to Make a Law in India after a certain process.  As of Now the Tax rates and the process of it are not Cleared. Therefore India is not cleared about the GST Bill advantages and disadvantages.

once the act will applicable there are many products which will be cheaper. On the other hand, some of the products will be costlier. We have to pay more to purchase those products. Price Factor is the main points why merits and demerits of Gst Bill are in News.

Like all the other things there are some pros and cons of GST bill. This will clarify only after the final draft of the bill. final Draft of the bill will clear after the approval of GST council.  Just wait for some time to come to know what exactly will be the tax rates of GST in India.


GST Bill Advantages and Disadvantages are as follows:

GST Bill Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of GST Bill

This model is a single Tax model and Tax on Tax will be removed. Many Indirect Taxes will be merged as Single Tax.

After the implication of Goods and Service Tax act India will be one market.

  All the products and services will be provided at the same price in all the states. As the rate of tax will be same in all over India.This is the Biggest advantages of GST bill in India. After This, the tax is not applicable on manufacturing hand. So for manufacturers, it is easy to grow their business and develop it.

 Now Excise and some other taxes are applicable at the manufacturing Point. After this these will applicable at consumption point.This system will effect the evasion and theft of Tax will be minimized as it is easy to track. This may be the demerit of GST for Tax Evaders.

Advantages of GST to Citizens:

  • Simplified and Transparent tax system to all
  • Reduction in Sales price of Mandatory goods due to less GST Rates and elimination of cascading
  • One Tax Rate throughout the country results in Same Price of goods
  • With New type of Tax there will be Increase in employment opportunities

Advantages of GST to Trade:

  • Double taxation will be End. No Tax over the Tax Now
  • Advantages of GST to Trade is that it will promote Exports with single type of Tax
  • One India One Market
  • Simplified Tax System.
  • Get Input credit on all Purchases and services

All the Products where multiple taxes where applicable will be cheaper like excise duty and vat both will come to about 30% of Tax but in GST it is assumed to be 18-20%. Above were the advantages of GST bill and now I will show you some Disadvantages of GST bill in India. This is the losses which will effect you only in short term and may not be painful for you in the long run if the system will work properly.

 Disadvantages of GST Bill in India

The Service Tax in India is now 15% but the proposed GST is about 18-20%. All the services will be Costlier and this one of the Disadvantages of GST Bill on Common Person.

There are some retail products where the Tax rate is only 4 percent but with GST it will be costlier like
Garments and cloths.

The control on business will be of state and central government so it may be some complex for the businessman.

All credits will be online and some penalties are like criminal activity. So it is threatening for the small businessman who is now free from Taxes.

GST is also having three type of taxes and all have to be maintained and this not going too easy for small Businessman.

Above are the GST Bill advantages and disadvantages in India and as per me, it will be more comfortable than the existing Tax Process in India.

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Benefits of the GST Act for Taxpayers.

GST Act mostly requires for uniform indirect taxes in India and believes that One nation one Tax. There is the different-2 type of indirect taxes in the country and states.

The main benefits of GST Act on taxpayers are:

Single taxation makes India as one market, goods, and services at one rate in all over India help manufacturers as reducing taxation in them. Aside from full remittance of credit, there are a few different benefits of GST in India.

I am mentioning the advantages of GST Bill as under-

1.Reduction in costs:

Due to full and consistent credit, makers or merchants do not need to incorporate expenses as a piece of their expense of creation. Which is a major motivation to say that we can see diminished in costs?

2.Fewer Taxes:                                                   

With the implementation of GST in India, one of the advantages of GST bill for Taxpayers is that they have to pay lesser taxes like Service Tax, octroi tax, Excise Tax, sales tax, central sales tax and may more. 

3.The increase in Government Revenues:

This may appear to be somewhat unclear. In any case, even at the season of presentation of VAT, general society incomes really went up as opposed to falling in light of the fact that numerous individuals turned to paying expenses instead of sidestepping the same.

Notwithstanding, the legislature may wish to present GST at a Revenue Neutral Rate, in which case the incomes won’t see a noteworthy increment in the short run. We have to see whether this will be a benefit of GST or not.

4.Less consistency and procedural expense:

Instead of keeping up enormous records, returns and reporting under different diverse statutes. All assesses will discover agreeable under GST as the consistency expense will be lessened. It ought to be noticed that assesses are by and by, required to keep a record of CGST, SGST, and IGST independently. This is the main benefit of goods and services tax for a common person.

5.Move towards a Unified GST:

Internationally, the new taxation act is constantly favoring in a
bound together frame (that is a single taxation for the entire country, rather than the double taxation position). In spite of the fact, that India is embracing Dual GST investigating the government structure. It is still a decent move towards a Unified GST, which viewed as the best strategy for Indirect Taxes.


Read here:  Main Points on benefits of GST on Taxpayers the GST is a decent sort of assessment. In any case, for the effective execution of the same, we should be mindful around a couple of perspectives.

Taking after are portions of the elements that must remember about GST?

  • Firstly, it truly requires that every one of the states execute the GST together and that too at the same rates. Else, it will be truly unwieldy for Businessman to consent to the procurement of the law. Further, GST act will be exceptionally favorable if the rates are same, because overall charges will not be a component in speculation area choices, and individuals will have the capacity to concentrate on productivity and will benefit by this act.
  • For smooth working, it is essential that the GST plainly set out the assessable occasion. In the blink of an eye, the CENVAT credit managers, the Point of Taxation Rules corrected, presented for this reason as it were. Nevertheless, the principles ought to be more refined and free from equivocalness.
  •  The GST Act is a destination base assessment, not the production one. In such circumstances, it ought to be obviously identifiable as to where the products are going might be troublesome if there should be an occurrence of administrations. The government has to do his best to make GST beneficial for Taxpayers.
  •  More mindfulness about GST and its favorable circumstances must make, and experts like us truly need to take the onus to accept this obligation.

There are many other advantages of GST bill on a taxpayer. Which we come to know later. However, there are as well some disadvantages of this act, which will reveal after implication of the same.


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Why there are Demand and importance of GST (Goods and Services Taxation)?

Why is GST Bill important in India?

Demand and importance of GST: As we heard from a long time, that GST is a taxation process. Which will lead to single taxation by evading other so many taxes?

I start by detailing on a significant concept of – spilling impact of taxes. The current system of indirect taxation is like “Taxes are applied on Taxes”.

I describe the demand and importance of GST in India hereby with an Example:
In earlier Times – X is a seller of goods and sells to Y with an
amount inclusive of sales tax, and after that Y again sells the same goods to Z charging the sales tax.
While Y in process of calculating the sales tax liability, Y had
incorporated the tax paid on purchase from X, hence Y is charging the Tax Upon The previous Tax Paid by Him.

Rates of GST in India

Above was happened in earlier years when there was no VAT. Afterward VAT was introduced and at all stages of sale and purchase
the tax was collected on over and above the tax collected at an earlier stage. With this, the input credit and output tax terms are launched and tax liability of dealers are minimized.

Earlier there is much Tax imposed at Manufacturing Point Like Excise and Octroi. Now at Sales Point, we charge Sales Tax / Vat on that Tax also. to evade this process we come to know why GST bill is Important in India.

Now the GST is very important in India. The meaning and implication of the goods and service tax bill described below.

“Goods and Services Tax Act” named as GST would be a thorough roundabout expense on production, deal, and utilization of merchandise and administrations all through India, to supplant charges collected by the Central and State governments.

Goods & Services assessment would exact and gather at a very phase of an offer or buy products or administrations in light of the info charge credit.

This technique permits GST-enlisted organizations to claim charge credit to the estimation of GST they paid on a buy of products. Administrations as a component of their typical business action.

Gst bill is important in India because of making India as one market. There is differentiate Tax rate in every state and this will make single Taxation.

The presentation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) would be a huge stride in the change of aberrant tax assessment in India.
Amalgamating a few Central and State charges into a solitary duty would alleviate falling or twofold tax assessment, encouraging a typical national business sector.

The effortlessness of the expense ought to prompt simpler
organization and authorization. From the buyer perspective, the greatest preferred standpoint would be as far as a lessening in the general taxation rate on products. which is as of now assessed at 25%-30%.

The main importance of GST in India is that it will reduce the Taxation.

What changes there would if India dispatches GST-,”The expense rate under GST might ostensible or zero appraised until further notice. It has proposed to protect the incomes of the States from the effect of GST, with the desire that at the appointed time, GST will exact on petroleum and petroleum items.


The GST model also has three types of returns to filled as per the laws and conditions.

SGST – State GST, by State Govt.
CGST – Central GST,  by  Central Govt.
IGST – Integrated GST,  by Central Govt.

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How can we earn more from Cab rental business tips and tricks.

Car Rental Business in India

Rental Business is growing rapidly nowadays and too many people are entering into this Business.But do we Know How to start a Taxi Business in India?

How can we earn more from Cab rental business?


First of all let’s look at the background India, where the manual Rickshaw or Auto-Rickshaw ruled the streets for decades has finally opened arms for the car transport even to the lower income people. ola and Uber are the King of Taxi Business.
It’s been only a few years when Meru cabs, Chansons, and other Radio taxi services got started. They earned a good market share until OLA entered their ground. With prices so low and the cabs so good, people preferred OLA over any other cab service.
Then came UBER and the rest is history. We won’t be talking about the OLA UBER battle for now.

Let’s move on to the topic on HOW TO START RENTAL CAR BUSINESS?

rental business

Before scrolling further, let me explain to you the basic requirements and important points of Taxi Business In India
You might not need a huge amount for starting Cab business. The amount you spend towards the car gives Profit once the business starts rising. If you don’t have this amount then also you have option to finance the same with banks. Most of the Banks are easily providing car Loans for Taxies. Ola and Uber taxi Provider also arrange the Loans from Private Finance.
These days Cabs are way better than a personal vehicle for they offer good comfort and air conditioning than our normal economic cars.
Therefore, you must plan to opt for a vehicle for starting a car rental business that has the following things to offer.
  •  Low maintenance
  •  Higher mileage
  •  Lower taxes
  • Better after sale services
  • Better resale value


NOTE: “If possible try to go with a dual channel fuel system like Petrol and LPG / CNG gas kit. Even second-hand vehicles come with these kits and for much lower price tags.
Maruti, TataHyundai and Mahindra are some of the few that offer LPG / CNG KIT, company made, installed vehicles”.
You have two options to put your car for rental Business.
  1.  Start your own Car Rental transport service.
  2.  Run it with OLA or UBER.


Comparison Between Self Business and Partner With other Taxi Services Like Ola/uber:

  • The latter is a much better choice since they have better coverage using their mobile application that allows people from any place to book a cab. Starting your own transport services comes with a lot of risks.
  •  For one instance there is a huge competition in your place while the exposure is very less compared to hiring it to Ola and Uber.
  • you need to have 3 to 4 cars to run your own rental business, But you can start partnering with ola and above-mentioned only with a single car.
  • Hiring your cab to these Cab market giants not only allows in having a standard income every month but also the drivers have less chances to cheat over the fares.
  • Traditional taxi business only runs in certain periods like summer or on festive seasons where the earnings are high but for a limited time. With hiring your taxi to Ola or Uber, you can easily make 30,000 to 60,000 given the City is big and users are more.  There have been cases where a person would earn 90000 on Uber due to better coverage.
If you opt for hiring a driver, make sure to take a short interview in
understanding his background and behavior. Driver’s ill behavior can lead to termination of your service with the above-mentioned firms.
So, select wisely for starting a car rental Business.
Having said the above, I would give a personal suggestion for all those that want to start a rental car business. Go for Ola or Uber rather than starting an individual transport business. The profits are real high and consistent.