Business ideas

“Indians are Born Business Minded.”  We all have some business related ideas.

We all are aware of that popular one liner –“Ek idea Jo badal de aapki duniyaan.” An idea can change your life. It can make or break. But here our focus will only be on making it. Getting that idea executed is the real challenge.

There are many people who have that million dollar idea but are of failure. We want our idea to be executed see our business flourish. There are many questions that strike our mind. For instance—who will help in the execution of this idea? To whom should we share our ideas? Is my idea need of the hour? What if my idea doesn’t work in the long run? And many more.

The real threat is sharing your idea with wrong people. As you shared your idea because of the trust you have on that person. But what if he steals your idea and gets the copyright. Unfortunately you cannot claim. As it was just an idea in your mind. You didn’t know the guidelines required for its proper functioning.

But worry not we have a one step solution to all your worries and problems. Business batao is the solution to all your worries. Business batao is a platform where you can post your ideas and get the best consultancy services in India.

But before getting into our services lets increase our view or rather gathers more info. Are you aware that the success rate is only 3% to 4%. Why most ideas could not stand out. Here we will discuss some of the backdrops for ideas getting flopped.

Reasons for Failure

There are quite a good number of reasons for failing of an idea.

  • Proper implementation of ideas

As discussed earlier having an idea is not enough. Getting that idea implemented is the real challenge. Find that real person who will provide you that guideline. Because lack of proper guideline is a big reason for your failure.

  • Placement of Business

Placement of business is one of the crucial requirements. Finding a suitabke land for business function is must. Business cannot run any place. A proper place where the surrounding is most suitable for its working.

  • Labor

Getting that suitable land for business is met. Now the question arises that who will work in that land i.e labour. Manpower is one of the requirement. It must be met. Because who will work in that land. To meet the targets set manpower plays the direct role. Proper relation with the manpower is important.

  • Capital

It is said that a business runs with proper meeting of all the required things. One of the most important is the capital. From laying foundation of the business to getting things done money is required. Having a fixed capital or arranging it for the business is very much important. You have brilliant idea but no money. So ultimately your idea is not able to succeed. It is unable to get its due credit.

  • Working Capital

Just above this I spoke capital. Now I am saying working capital. What is the difference between the two? Lets discuss it first.

Each and every business needs monmey called as capitalit is categorized into two

  • Fixed Capital
  • Working Capital

Fixed capital is the capital that is invested in acquisition of fixed assets for smooth running of a business.

Now Working capital is the amount of money that is required for day-to-day financing. Everydays  financing needs for running a business is  met by working capital.

So now the difference between the two is very much clear. Both are required for business operations.

  • Management of business

You have everything –land, labour and capital but you can’t manage all these. Then for surety your business will fissle. Most important aspect of a business is management. Because you have to management each and everything. Achievements are reqired but above it is the attitude of managing it is required.

  • Many others

So learn to deal with all these shortcomings with business batao. Our expertise will guide you.

“WORRYING is like a rocking chair it gives you something TO DO but doesn’t get you ANYWHERE.”

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