Freedom 251 Mobile A New Business Idea

Freedom 251 Mobile

Case study

Delhi NCR – Noida-based firm Ringing Bells announce the Freedom 251 mobile phone on 17th February 2016. At the announcement , they said you can purchase the Rs. 251 cell phone from the official site and book your unit for conveyance.

The company has booked more than 7 crore handsets till today. Now it will be very interesting to see that how the company is going to deliver that much handsets by june 2016

As a result, the heavy traffic come on their site and site got cracked on the first day. They get a huge money in their Bank account while the product will delivered after the 4-5 months.

Points to remember for Purchasing the Freedom 251 mobile/Smart Phone:

    • A general standard in life – if something sounds pipe dream, it typically is.
    • How the company will produce about one crore mobile phones while they are haven’t that big setup.
    • The organization says it might take up to 4 months for your unit to send. So, remember that before you book this. Given the organization’s absence of any sort of a reputation. There’s an outside chance that it might never send by any stretch of the imagination.
    • Ringing Bells is an obscure brand with no reputation in hardware, so it’s hard to verify the product. This may be its new business idea.
    • There is by all accounts no sort of profit strategy for the site, however it says your Freedom 251 mobile unit is secured by a one-year guarantee.


As per my opinion, this is a type on New Business Idea where the firm has collected a huge money from the market. In addition, if you will research the local market you will come to know that there are many mobile retailers those are proving the smart phone at 450 rupees only. What that firm had to do is to get renown on the very first day while the other companies had to take a long time to make their market. For getting these huge number of customers a corporate has to spend crores of rupees. Then they will make their market while Freedom 251 had made its place in few hours only.

Apart from this the firm has collects a huge amount which will invested by the firm for at least 4-5 months then only they deliver the product. With this money they can bargain with the investment which is available to them at free of cost.In this era of online marketing, way of business is changed completely.  There are various ways available to earn money with low investments.

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