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Bike taxi business

There are many companies starts the Bike taxi business in India. Some of the companies who has launched the motorcycle cab business are Uber and Ola in Bangalore, M Taxi and Baxi in Gurgaon, Haryana. But, there are many hurdles and problems in starting the same.Apart from this, there are many companies are ready to start their bike Taxi business in metros of India. What is good bout you is that all the company is hiring Driver partners for the two-wheeler cab the business?

What is Driver partner of Bike Taxi business?
Partner in Bike taxi Businness

Mostly Cab companies are not purchasing the vehicles of their own. But they join the people with who are the owner of such vehicles required by the companies. The company will take some commission of the total business done by the owner.  Persons who are doing business by joining their vehicles with the company are call driver partner.

For Example, if a Partner of bike Cabs will do a daily Business of rupees 1500.  Then the Bike Taxi Business company will charge about 20 percent (%) of the total collection. And the net receipts for the day is Rupees 1200 and hence he will earn 36,000/- per month as a partner business owner.
These Companies do not only provide the business opportunity to the owner but also for the operators. It is a good option for young seekers to join Bike Taxi as driver partner with their own motorcycle.

This is a good business opportunity for the unemployed to earn a handsome income and will be able to earn amid Rs 20,000 and Rs 36,000 per month, after paying for energy and the revenue sharing
with Bike taxi companies like uber, ola, Baxi, M-Taxi, one rider and others in Delhi-NCR & Bangalore in India.

However, If you can Purchase a motorcycle and having a commercial driving Licence with the valid Identity Proofs. Then you can easily be a partner of Bike taxi business. Therefore, in India  Purchasing of a Bike is very simple. You can purchase a bike of rupees 50,000 to 60,000 only in down payment of rs 10,000 to 15,000. But, this is not big deal if you are comfortable in driving throughout the day then this is really a good business opportunity for you. Be Your own boss, no time limits, no working hours and no target based job in driver partner bike taxi business.

Do it and go for it. 


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