A distributor is a person who performs the activity of distribution of goods and services for the satisfaction of its consumers or we can say that they are a part of channel mix. It very important to have good distribution service of your commodities because when you have a good distributor that is making your product fly off the shelves make sure keep to your product commodity coming

There are three types of distributors:

1. Intensive Distributors

This type of distributor is normally used when the manufacturer wants to sell their products as immediately as they can through the widest possible channel.  Intensive distributors will work with many vendors and usually sell large volumes of goods at lower prices and earn lower margins. They mainly deal in deals in perishable goods.

2. Exclusive Distributors

This type of distributor is used where it is highly important to have proper control maintain brand integrity, brand image, and often higher pricing points. This allows exclusive distributors to sell to all their suitable retailers. Exclusive distributors are mostly in contact with big companies.

3. Selective Distributors

This type of distribution is where manufacturers specialized distributors who are experienced at distributing their products.  The number of retailers in this channel is Restricted to avoid adulteration in goods maintain a high level of service and retain high retail pricing maximization of profit for the whole distribution channel.