Shift From Job to Business

job to business

Be Your Own Boss. Start Your business

The idea of starting a Business is good but at the risk of a job is little risky. Firstly look if you have another hand who will help you in the shift from job to business then it will good enough. the best one will be your Spouse.
Apart from this, there are following points that must be taken care while shifting from job to business.

1. Search Your Interest Area

Just think and decide what is the area whichbusinesss strategy you can give your best and do the same work on everyday basis depending upon your interest, ability, and strength
2. Decide the Product

It may happen that your Interest Area has no demand in the market and you will be in total losses, so research the market and decide the fruitful product of services for your business which gives you satisfaction and you can shift from job to Business3. Planning of Marketing and Financing

Finance is the most important factor for the Business. Access the source of finance and also plan for leading the finance if required. Marketing involves many plans like Advertising, Social Marketing, e-mail marketing and other ways of Digital / Traditional Marketing.
4. Legal setup
You must know all the government rules and regulations that will apply to your business and then fulfill all the required papers with the help of CA’s and Lawyers or self if you can. Must take your Business Trademark and website.
5. Set Up it as a side Business
Firstly test your business that it is workable or not. Start it on the small size with your the small capital and involve your partner if applicable for better returns with your job. Don’t leave your job and do labor hard with it so that you can get results from the Business.
6. Analyze your Business Report
After running your side business for a long while you must make the report of it and analyze whether it is profit making or not. If you found that it gives you return equal to your salary then you are on a point to shift from job to Business
7. Business set up.
Now you are on a point where you can leave your job and set up your business. But there are many points like Roadmap of the business, team, company type and roles of the employees to be decided.
8. Give full Time to your Business.
Now give the best to your Business and never compromise on the quality and services to make your customer satisfied. Otherwise, they will leave you like you left the unsatisfied Job.
Business requires always new skills and development and always do research for better ideas which helps your decision of shift from job to business

9. Always Take Care of Your Expenses


you must always take care of your expenses like salaries of the employees, cost of  Raw material, Transportation expenses, after sales expenses and much more. Minimizing the expenses is also a type of income. I suppose this will help you alot.

Congratulations you are on way to take interviews for jobs instead of giving Interviews.

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