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I had to sell my house to start Chumbak,” Says Shubhra Chadda who after receiving $2 million in initial funding, is now ready for the second round of funding by matrix partners! If you have a dream, follow it.

Shubhra chadda

The 29-year-old IIT–B Grad – Bhavish Aggarwal is the founder & CEO of India’s most popular Cab Aggregator Ola Cabs. it is just like any other marketplaces online, but more specifically into providing Taxi services. Ola, which started as an online cab aggregator.

Bhavish Aggarwal

“Great mind discuss idea. Average mind discuss events and low mind discuss people.”

So it is all up to you what you want to discuss. Whether you want to discuss ideas or events. When you are discussing about ideas and events then you don’t have time to waste on discussing about people. It is so true. When you are busy discussing ideas and becoming a part of innovative India then eventually others will be discussing about you. You will be a real life hero.

Success is all about the ultimate happiness that person gets after achieving something desirous. It can’t be achieved by just dreaming. For getting that taste a person has to do something. Ultimately success has multiple values. As for one is securing a good result. Like for a business person it could be securing a tender or increment in workforce. So we define success differently. But that it gives immense pleasure and satisfaction. It actually matters. So everybody has one’s own way.

Most of the time if we are upset and someone comes and console us we feel better. It is nothing but motivation. Similarly if you are unable to do something of your choice we are here to help you. But before that there is something called encouragement which is more important. You might be unable to do things. Failing most of the time. But a success story is a source of encouragement. It encourages us that yes we can also do something. It boosts our moral.

It is damm true that if we here someone’s story we somewhere feel that yes I can also do. We also feel why it didn’t strike my mind. My idea is also innovative. I should also make a move. It all comes to our mind.

If something serves as a source of inspiration for the society then it is worth sharing. Success cannot alone survive without hard work and struggle. Whenever we hear someone’s success story we get covetous. But we ever wonder that how he reached that point. No never we simply hear it and get back to our work. But here at business Batao we are going narrate success stories of those who have done something worth sharing.

We will share success stories of those who have something different. Their hard work, dedication and struggles. Everything would be revealed. Path adopted by that person in achieving that point.

A business Batao you will get to read such stories. The reasons which served as a ground for them to become idle. We will also consider whether luck played any role or was it hard work completely.

In fact we do publish the success story of that person in our quarterly magazine named “Business Batao Times.”

Today I am going to narrate a story.

In a village there lived a boy whose name was Goutam. He used to live in the village with his family. After completing his primary education as there was no source for secondary education. He had to join in family trend. But being a boy of dedication and hard work he was not interested in family business. He decided that he will go to a nearby city and do something different.

But what he will, where he will live. These entire wrer hurdles in his path. Not only had this he had to face family objection. Differing from family is not at all acceptable. But as he had decided he went ahead with that. He made a debut in Dhanbad city. But as he was unable to decide what to do. One o the natives of his village was living in that town. He got introduced to a person who was running a catering business by him. So he started working under him. He started earning.

In fact he loved his work. Slowly slowly he started learning the basics of this catering world. As this totally new thing to experience. By the time he was doing well his family wanted him to get married. But he wasn’t ready for that. But still he got married. Along with his new family he came back and got busy with his work.

After one or two years of working under the owner. He felt that he should also do something of his own. For that he left his job and started working on his idea. He decided that he will run a canteen in a nearby school. But then he ran shortage of funds. So what to do next..

He went to his native friend and asked for assistance. He helped him out. Canteen business was running smoothly. After few years he then shifted to a college where he continued with his canteen business. He finally to explore more and take a risk which he actually did.

He wanted to start his own catering business. But again it was quiet risky because there were a number questions which kept on wandering. Like whether he be able to manage this business? How will he be able to adjust in this world of competition? So many questions and a big risk. But still he followed his heart and stepped into the world of a new business. Initially he had to face a good number of challenges. Slowly slowly he started getting offers. He was appreciated for his dedication and work. In this way he became a common household name.

But the zeal to do something different was his key point. His constant desire to be ahead of others served as a backbone for him. So in this way a person’s dedication and hard work resulted in turning his dream into reality. When you want to do something of your choice then things eventually gets arranged.

So if you have something worth sharing then do share with us. It could be your story or someone close or known to you. If something is done for our society is great.

As you can see—

Hard work pays, dedication pays..”

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