As a responsible citizen everyone needs to pay tax. As tax plays an interim role. Whatever tax we pay is used for our betterment. So if you want to start a business then there are some government obligations and duties which we are bound to pay.

We cannot ignore it at all. Because rights comes with responsibilities and duties. If we want something then we must also be ready to give in return.

So many a times in order to manage all these affairs businessperson requires someone. For this very purpose we “Business Batao” is there to help you out. We provide all the necessary services which are important.

Our Services includes:

  1. Business Registration

Business registration is the first step towards planned business work. Business registration makes it more prominent by increasing visibility on one’s domain name. It is very important because whatever services you provide first you need to be a legal owner of it. It also gives you the legal right over the logo which you are planning. If you don’t do this then at any moment things can be claimed by anyone.

  1. Trademark Registration

Trademark is actually the brand name. It could be anything. It could be any word, name, symbol or combination of all these. Trademark is the design which gives you an identity. If there is 10 companies with similar outlook in order to stand out you need to have your own identity to be recognized.  

  1. Company Registration

It is actually Company Registration Number. Commonly known as CRN. It is a unique number that is issued by company’s house when a limited company is included. It is also referred as Company’s House Number. It usually consists of 8 numbers or 2 alphabets followed by 6 numbers.

It is important in order to provide a unique identity.

  1. GST

Goods and Service tax, popularly known as GST. It is making a buzz in Indian market. It is destined to be implemented from 1st of July 2017. It is also an indirect tax which will be a replacement of all the indirect taxes which are charged by the central and state government. It is governed by GST Council. Its chairperson is our Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

  1. ROC Filings

ROC stands for Registrar Of Companies. The companies which are registered under the Companies Act, 1956 are required to e-file their documents under annual e-filing. Following documents:-

  • Balance sheet
  • P/l Account
  • Annual Return
  • Compliance Certificate

Different norms are attached with all the above mentioned document submission.

  1. Income Tax Filings

Earlier whatever tax we were talking about were all indirect taxes. But now this is an example of direct tax. Income tax is the tax which is directly charged on a person’s personal earning. According to law, all businesses and individuals are required to file income tax return every year in order to be eligible for tax refund. This tax is used by the government to maintain all its activities and to be able to provide necessary service to its public.



  1. All other Tax and Registration works

Apart from all the above mentioned taxes and registration work all other work associated with the business world. All these taxes will be maintained by our team. All business related affairs will be managed with utmost care.

After getting a brief idea about all the necessary taxation and registration procedure it is actually quite difficult to manage. Business Batao has all the qualified experts and associates who will guide you. They will look into all these services with utmost care. But to avail these services you need register with Business Batao once a registration a guaranteed lifelong service.