Unsatisfied With Job


Evaluate your Satisfaction with Job

Are you Satisfied with your job?

Is Your all Dream taking a part in your life?

Are you Renown in your area for your Job?

Are you free to take all decisions in your Life?

Is Your relation in your company is very Good?

Is your Family Satisfied with your Job?

If all the answer is YES then do what you are doing and if any of the answers is no then this quote is important for you to want to leave the job but the Biggest Question is that what will you do if leave the job.

Have you any Idea. You often see that people with business are happier than the employers. Just write five name that lives near your house.

what you come to know that all are businessmen who renowned that the employers that the big reason why you are unsatisfied with a job.


Still, the biggest Problem is what will you do if you leave the job. Do you have any business idea or is there anyone who will help you to start a new business.

Still, there are few questions that afraid you to take a decision.

  • Do you have idle funds for few months because the Business will not give you immediate results or money that you are getting from your job
  • what if you will fail or some misshaping done with your business. Then you will be nowhere either job or business
  • Do you have idea about the business or capability to take risk
My dear friends if there is no risk there is no money. So many examples set by the industry that there were many people who were employee earlier then they left their job and now they are providing jobs to many. some of the examples are …
  • Dhirubhai Ambani founder  of the Reliance
  • Sandeep Aggarwal Ceo of Shopclues.com
  • Prem Ganapathy Owner of The Dosawala
  • Kailash Katkar Founder of the Quick heal  and much more
This is the age of startups and if you want to go through daily news you come to know that there are many startups rises every day and make their name in very small time For instance For example  amazon, Oyo rooms, Flipkart, paytm and much more.
 There are many points To Take Care Before Starting Your Business which we come to know in our another post How to Shift from Job to business.


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