Limitations of Cashless Transactions in India

Limitations of Cashless Transactions in India
We are in the way of making India with Cashless Transactions. There are many advantages of cashless economy but what are the
problems in making India Cashless.
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 India is a developing country where there is not the availability of electricity and schools in many villages. How the technology will develop very soon. This is a time taken process but it’s really appreciable. Now let’s discuss the limitations of cashless transactions.
Now let’s discuss the limitations of cashless transactions.

Here are 4 Limitations of Cashless Transactions in India-


As a developing nation, we have a lack of every basic need of our society. This new virtual technology for cashless transaction heavily dependent on many tools like Mobile phone, laptop, data connection, good mobile/broadband connection etc.These are either costlier or are away from the reach of a common man living in Indian cities and villages. So the availability of technological tools for the cashless transaction is a big real challenge in the way ahead in the vision of cashless India.


Just 60% of our country is basically literates I.e. the just know who to read and write their names. They don’t even have full-fledged running bank accounts and are unaware of its benefits.Education is a big limitation in cashless transactions. So for this technology to survive, the problem of unawareness among people who are illiterates is again a challenging one to cope up with.


As all the transaction is getting recorded in bank record book, there is a possibility that your personal transactions for any specific work are also getting in surveillance. This can be against the personal freedom law awarded by the constitution to its entire citizen.  cashless transaction Indians have fear to go to the banks. This is a big limitation of cashless transactions and cashless economy.
The money you earn should be yours and nobody has right to keep watching an eye on it.


With people getting online, the bad one’s are also smart enough to tackle the technology with unethical moves like hacking and phishing where if you tell then the password in any way, there is a possibility that you will lose all your hard earned penny.

People have to be very much careful while doing the online transactions as there is a higher risk of cyber attack if any
carelessness is shown by the door.

Above are the limitations of cashless transactions in India. we have already explained the advantages and disadvantages of cashless transactions in India.
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